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How much does it cost?
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it as needed, provided the copyright notice and link to the copyright owner web site left intact. By downloading the Trouble Ticket Express, you implicitly agree to preserve a visible "Help desk software by United Web Coders" notice with a link to TTX official web site ( The notice is incorporated into html templates as a footprint text. Please feel free to contact us if you absolutely need to remove the notice ($19.95 one time fee applies) or have any concerns regarding the license terms.

What are the add-on modules?
We offer numerous add-on modules that provide additional features, such as email based ticket submission, file attachments, using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server database, Answer Library and so on. For complete list and ordering instructions, please refer to .

How to download add-on modules?
Detailed instructions may be found .

What do I need to run Trouble Ticket Express?
You need a web server. It is not Pocket PC software. It is not a desktop program. It is a program to be installed on a web server. The user interface is browser based, that means you (and your customers) must use web browser to access the TTX-based help desk.

So, let me repeat, you need a web server. You do not need to own the server (you may use shared hosting account) or your desktop PC may act as a web server, it does not matter. You must have a piece of hardware with an operating system (for example any flavor of Unix or Windows) and web server software (such as Apache or IIS) installed.

The next thing you need is Perl. It is installed on Unix servers by default. Windows users may have to download it from the ActiveState web site.

Finally yet importantly, the web server must be configured to execute CGI/Perl scripts. Some cheap shared hosting accounts do not allow doing this. Consult with your provider.