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        Sometimes operators do not receive confirmations.

Sometimes operators do not receive confirmations.
When a customer submits a ticket via email rather than through web based form, the Trouble Ticket Express sends a confirmation message to the email address as specified by the incoming email's 'From' tag.

If the customer has an autoresponder activated at that address, the confirmation message will trigger an autoresponder message that will be sent to the help desk address and will eventually result in a submission of a follow-up message to the ticket.

Normally a submission of a follow-up message will result in another confirmation message sent to the customer's email address and this would result in repeating the whole process again and again (email loop).

In order to prevent email loop Trouble Ticket Express will not send a confirmation email if submission of the follow-up message does not change ticket status (repeat or multiple follow-ups submitted by a customer do not change ticket status).

In addition, there would be no notification message if there were 3 or more tickets in pending status submitted from the same email address. All this refers to the tickets submitted via email only.